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 1bis, Les Guisseaux 
44190 Gorges (Loire-Atlantique-France)

Phone : +33 2 40 06 93 19
Mail : contact@domainebregeon.com

Openings :
From Monday to Saturday by appointment.

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Kermit LYNCH

Here at KLWM, we take pride in the relationships we build with our customers. Whether you tend towards Grand Cru classics gold everyday reds, whites, rosés and, we look forward to working with you. We sell our wines through our Berkeley retail shop, California...

Cave Pierre Noble

Have its own cellar, is a strong component of our French culture! Everyone wants to have his little cave (or great)... But build and manage a request cellar some logic, some place, a tiny little follow-up and one all little sub! Tips and questions first: Determine a...

La Cave de Longchamp

Founded in 1982, located in the Longchamp in Nantes, the Longchamp Winery welcomes you in a nice, clear and warm. We offer a wide choice of wines, organic wine, liquor and spirits especially selected by the team of Dominique Joly. A team of which each Member knows all...

Thirst for wine

Brest, thirst of wine is your space dedicated to the world of wine and gastronomy. Come learn, enjoy, share, read and of course supply you.


The tables of Nantes

Les Passionnés du Vin

Based in Savoy, the lovers team shipped your wines on the whole France


Gorges 2013 is now on the tables of the Taillevent Restaurant in Paris. Click on the logo to access the site.  

Le Pot de Vin

Le Pot de Vin specializes in the import of quality wine. Interested in various wine regions around the world, they are looking for the best names. 

La Cave de la Crosse

A selection of neat and varied wines from France and elsewhere

The be2m

To the be2m in Nantes, the wine is home! With 300 references to the wine list, ranging from the great vintages at the Nugget, unearthed from a small producer, you can explore many french terroirs, especially as 12 wines by the glass selection is renewed every month. A...