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One vineyard, domaine Michel Bregeon, one winegrower, Fred Lailler

I am a 37 year old winegrower, born in Gorges in a Muscadet vineyard. After completing my HND in winegrowing & oenology in Montreuil-Bellay, and after several experiences on different domains I wanted to come back to my roots, impatient to put everything that I had learned into practice and stand on my own two feet, in a vineyard that reflected what I believed in.

What do I believe in ? : valorising local produce, seeking out the authenticity of the wines and elaborating living wines. In order to succeed, it required: converting to organic agriculture to reconnect with the land, limiting the yields, fermenting with native yeasts, lengthening the maturation times and of course, practising manual harvesting. I needed the right place, to experience complete harmony and invite the region into my bottles. Then I found Le Domaine Michel Bregeon.

Wine of the moment 

Gros Plant: the ideal companion for oysters and other shellfish. The oceanic freshness of your summer meals.

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Moutons !

We experience the eco-grazing in the Feteree plot, vine post-phyloxerique, an old lady that must be respected. Alain Redureau, breeder specializing in the eco-grazing, offers his Ouessant sheep for the occasion. The local press therefore relayed this novelty in the...

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